Energy production from biomass and cogeneration plants

Cogeneration plants with natural gas service to residential buildings, Collepepe (PG) and Foligno (PG)

 Particular plant in Collepepe
 Particular plant in Foligno

Construction of cogeneration plants with natural gas, and economic and technical evaluation of the energy costs for the winter heating and summer cooling of power plants and energy distribution by means of a district heating network serving residential building complexes in Collepepe and Foligno

Cogeneration plants with animal fat oil - authorization, implementation and management GSE reports and Customs Agency

On 19th December 2012 the cogeneration plant fuelled by cold-pressed rapeseed animal fat became fully operative. The plant which is powered by two endothermic engines combined with two generators for the concurrent production of 990 kWel and 890 kWt.


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