Public lighting and Energy Saving in Romania

In order to reduce energy consumption and significantly improve the quality of light, Tetra Engineering is proposing the substitution of current lighting fixtures (such as high-pressure sodium) with LED fixtures, to several public administrations.
The RELAMPING technique is based on the replacement of traditional lamps with LED light fixtures, through a PLUG & PLAY system: no intervention is required on any existing electrical system, as replacement of the lighting fixtures i sufficient.
The study of these inteventions bases on:
-  a technical assessment: performing lighting calculations to check compliance with regulatory parameters and with lighting and visual health quality;
- an economic evaluation: calculation of energy consumption pre-intervention as post-intervention, accounting for economic benefits based on the costs to be endured.

Tetra Engineering Srl is developing Relamping studies in the Public Administrations of a number of municipalities in Romania:
- Victoria, 9000 inhabitants, situated in the district of Brasov, in the Transylvania region (
- Milcov, 1800 inhabitants, situated in the Olt district, in the Muntenia region (
- Botoşani, 116000 inhabitants, capital of the district, in the region of Moldova (
and in 22 schools of Mediaş - 53,000 inhabitants - situated in the district of Sibiu in Transylvania (