Public lighting and Energy Saving

The theme of energy efficiency and reduction of light pollution has taken on a key role in the public administration and beyond.

The public lighting are already for years the subject of regional regulations (LR 17/98 Region Aosta) designed specifically for the removal of light pollution, the reduction of energy consumption unsustainable and consequent reduction of CO2 emissions .

Extensive studies have shown that at least 30% of public lighting are obsolete and that about 50% of the electrical charges of the government are due to them.

Tetra Engineering Srl, always sensitive to the issue of energy saving and safety of persons, has set itself the goal of promoting measures to improve energy efficiency, upgrading and expansion of facilities. The Company has developed and proposed on behalf of the government lighting projects - some of which are highlighted below - for the realization of works to improve energy efficiency by adopting innovative techniques and technological devices and high efficiency.