The Firm

Tetra Engineering srl is an engineering firm working in the sector of professional consultancy in the design and implementation of technological systems and in the use of renewable energy.

It started as a team of professionals who had been collaborating since the early 1990s. In 1999, they decided to start up a partnership (Tetra Service sas) and in 2001 they founded the firm Tetra Engineering srl.

The firm relies on a team composed of over 20 highly-qualified professionals who work in the Perugia offices , which cover an area of 600 sqm. Since its very foundation, energy saving and renewable energy have always been a key interest for Tetra Engineering.

In 2000, a collaboration began with the DIMISURA company, trademark of DUCATI ENERGIA, in order to further develop its expertise in certain aspects concerning energy sources alternative to fossil fuels. In 2004 Tetra attained the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification, issued by CSQ.

Following a company reorganization, in 2010 Tetra Engineering S.r.l. became a subsidiary of Tetrafin S.r.l., the Tetra Group holding company.

Using the expertise of Tetra Engineering, Tetra Group began direct investments in Renewables:

- Al Fuego Energia S.r.l., owns a a ground-mounted pv plant with a 988 kW capacity connected to the national network in July 2011, and a roof-mounted 402 kW capacity pv plant, which was connected to the national network in June 2012;

- Tetra Energy S.r.l., owns a 900kWe cogeneration plant fueled by vegetable oil which started energy production in December 2012;

- Penta Energia S.r.l., established in Timisoara in January 2013, focuses on the development of renewable energy and energy saving in Romania.